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How to create a good website that will develop your brand?

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A website is a showcase of your company, thanks to it you can show the world what you do, what distinguishes you and encourage users to further contact. Currently, there are over 1.5 billion websites on the web, and the number is constantly growing.


To stand out from the competition, introduce yourself in the best way possible and then acquire customers, you need to be really well prepared. Your company's showcase page is a standard, or even a requirement, imposed by the market, but a professional website will bring your business to a higher level.


In this article, you will learn what to prepare for the implementation of a high-quality website. 


Where to start?

Where to start? This is a key question that we should ask ourselves. First of all, we need to make sure that we are ready to start the process of preparing the new website. When we start a new project, we want to refresh / modernize our brand, the first thing that comes to our mind is visibility on the Internet, so usually creating a new website will be our goal.


In order to prepare a professional, distinctive and, most importantly, refined website design, we need to prepare ourselves thoroughly. Thanks to such preparation, the result of the work will be a product created for years. Quick and hasty actions can make us realize just after launching the website how many elements there are to change. 


The website is part of the visual identification of the brand, it represents our company. Therefore, it must be consistent with our image. If, while reading this, a lamp came on for you, it is worth considering whether you have a well-thought-out strategy for building your brand image. 



Corporate Identity???? - the basic tool for creating the company's brand image on the market. This term describes all symbols and behaviors used in the company in order to obtain a clear and consistent market identification and distinguish it from competing brands. A coherent visual system is the most important element of a comprehensive identification. In the following quite cross-sectional post, we can illustrate what it is identification visual. See more


This is a good time to think about how we want our brand to represent itself, how it is to evoke feelings and associations. These assumptions are the basis for the preparation of visual identification, and then a website, it is a strategy for building a brand image.


Start by defining your goal 

When we have made the decision that we are ready to start working on the website project. Let's start with the definition of the purpose of the page. These are strategic activities that are the foundation of your company, they will facilitate building a website.


Define the target group, create personas, specify what user action will be your success, e.g. filling out the contact form, purchasing on the website or subscribing to the newsletter. Plan user path.


If you conduct advanced marketing activities, adapt the website to the sales funnel. 

Who are our audience? 

Define the audience you want to reach. Most of us count on every user to be interested in our brand. But it is very deceptive, it can even hurt us.


If the target group we define is too general, it is likely that those we care about the most will be disadvantaged. They will not find what they are looking for on our website, we will not communicate our message well enough to them.


Therefore, let's specify as precisely as possible who our recipient is and what their needs are. 

Some helpful techniques and mind-set about building your audience are described in the blog below:

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Create personas

The use of person was developed by Alan Copper in 1983. They are a milestone in user-friendly software.   See more 


Creating personas is a popular technique that facilitates the definition of target groups. It is creating characteristic characters for the target group. The created persona is to represent our user from a particular segment. 


When creating a persona, let's be creative and try our best to reflect the character, get to know her needs, problems, interests and what will encourage her to get to know our website. 


Meet Janek, he represents a group of students, is passionate about new technologies and is interested in programming, in particular, he likes VR games. He lives in Warsaw and studies at the University of Technology for the 3rd year. Jan is constantly improving his programming skills and he will definitely be interested in your course. 



Do not underestimate this task, we assure you that it will turn out to be crucial when designing the website. At the same time, it can be groundbreaking in understanding customer needs and allow us to achieve better business results.

What is your website created for? 

Define what is the goal of your website, it is to achieve your business goals. Once we define the main goal of the website, we will be able to move on to the next stages of the project. The goal will determine how to design and implement. The structure, functionality and design of the website will vary depending on whether it is a showcase with an offer, portfolio or an online store. 


Analyze the competition 

Competition analysis is a very important aspect of any business. We need to know well what are the trends in the industry and how the competition plans to achieve an advantage.


This applies to both our brand and website. Let's analyze competitors' websites, focusing on both their advantages and disadvantages.


A thorough analysis will allow you to plan your website in a way that will be most relevant for us.  


Benchmarking answers the need for better and better market analysis or improvement of the company's operation. It is a method of improving one's own operation, widely used in the economy, not only in Poland, but also in the world. The term has been used in the American financial dictionary since the 1970s, when Xerox began to compare its operating strategies with Japanese competitors to find out why it lost part of the market. See more